A Personal Journey For Transformation

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About Course

This course is aimed at those who would like to bring about positive changes in their lives by taking a spiritual approach to understanding themselves, their resources, relationships and how to make to put forward a better version of themselves to the world. This course also draws upon the central aspect of the Divine and how we can use the power of God in our lives. Each chapter in the course is designed to deliver an experience and also encourage practice. We wish you the best on this transformative journey.

The Brahma Kumaris has been imparting the Foundation Rajyoga Course at its centers worldwide for over 80 years. These courses are conducted one-on-one and are instructor-led. However, with the huge demand for these courses it has become essential to create digital means to deliver a portion of the course content that can reach a large number of aspiring students of Rajyoga. This course in its MOOC format (Online Course) also integrates a personal interactive component depending on the progress a student makes in the course. Based on our experience this interaction is very important while you are on your meditation journey. Use this as an opportunity to clarify doubts, seek suggestions, share experience and approaches for the subsequent chapters in the course. We believe this hybrid experience will add significant value to your understanding and enhance your ability to live a more positive and fulfilling life.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Understanding Meditation
  • Understanding the self & God
  • Concepts of Rajyoga
  • Experience simple and effective meditation
  • How to make meditation a part of your life

Course Content